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Rémy Ferbras

Wines from the Southern Rhône Valley

Deeply rooted in the Southern Rhone Valley, at the very heart of the prestigious Chateauneuf du Pape vineyards, the Grandes Serres winery pays tribute to its very first cellar master, Rémy Ferbras. This iconic figure of the winery, tireless advocate of the Rhone terroir and of its grape varieties, has always succeeded in expressing the full potential of the Rhone Valley wines. He has, through his work and tenacity, largely contributed to the development and public recognition of Grandes Serres. This range is the result of the strict selections, a precise vinification and ageing, just as Remy Ferbras would have it, appreciative that he was of rich, elegant, complex and flavourful wines.

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“Our red wines are expressives, fines and spicies, with mature red berry notes.

Our white wines are keens, unctuous with fresh fruit traces”

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Vintage 2017 : Great vintage with small volumes

Beginning of 2017 is very cold but a heat wave in march changes everything. A precocious vintage is incoming.

After coldness period in April, the summer is hot and dry. Few millimeters of rain between july and september aren’t enough for the soils. Harvests begin from september to november. Dryness impacts directly yields. However, the grapes have incredible quality. Colors, sugar level and maturity are perfect.

White wines present beautiful shines, with flower flavours and good acidity. The red wines have red fruit tastes with silky tannins. Crus can be keep easily in cellar for years.

Vintage 2016 : Wonderful !

A mild winter, a dry but cool spring, without frost and with some beneficial rainfall. It follows a hot summer, without heat wave and enjoying significant thermal amplitudes between day and night. The vineyard benefits from exceptional conditions, a sanitary state of the healthiest, technological maturity as well as perfect phenolic. The southern Rhone Valley has been spared from bad weather that has impacted France overall. Here comes a great vintage …The grapes returned to the cellar are of high quality and it is retranscribed in the bottles. The reds have very intense colors, the wines are rich, very concentrated. Tannins, on the other hand, are particularly fine. The wines are powerful and airy.On the side of whites and rosés, the wines are of a high quality. Powerful and complex aromas, a pleasant smoothness, a lot of minerality and an incredible aromatic length.
2016 is definitely an exceptional vintage


Vintage 2015 : Remarkable

The rains at the end of 2014 are continuing until the end of the first quarter of 2015. Beneficial rainfall, which allows the soil to benefit from good reserves in order to attack the growth phase. On these good notes, the spring runs perfectly, in the norms of season. The sanitary state is perfect, the growth of the ideal vine. The next decisive summer season is hot, with temperatures sometimes reaching over 36 ° C, allowing berries to reach ideal maturities. The rainy episodes of mid-August do not alter the quality of the vintage, and instead allow to finish the maturities more serenely. The 2015 vintage lives up to its promises. The berries are of incredible quality. The white grapes, harvested in first place, give way to very aromatic wines, rich and ample. The little acidity contained in the berries will not give wines of great care, so they will be appreciated in their youth. On the red side, it’s the other way around. 2015 is a vintage of care!

The wines are big, powerful, balanced and with very silky tannins; ideal characteristics to let the beautiful wines wait a few years in cellar …

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